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When you drive your baby out, you can't see the situation of the child in the car, and you don't consciously look back, or always want to know if your baby is asleep, still eating, or playing. Left and right, looking forward to distraction, driving attention is not concentrated, you know? This is very dangerous. When you look back, you can't know the situation before, and the danger may be potential! With this scope, all of this has been solved with ease and ease, allowing you to enjoy driving with ease and enjoyment.


 1. What is a professional safety seat viewing mirror?

Easily meet the adult to observe the baby in the car without affecting the safety of the child!

The mirror is acrylic, does not threaten the safety of the baby, and the clarity is also very good.

This observation mirror is suitable for all reverse-installed child safety seats. It can be rotated 360 degrees. The father and mother in the driving position can see the baby's state without rotating the original rearview mirror. The baby can also see the mother through the mirror, which is more peace of mind.

2. Humanized design, effectively avoiding traffic accidents caused by backward looking in the traffic.

3. The mirror surface is covered with a protective film. Please tear off the protective film when using it. From the picture we can see that the image from the next box is very clear. The mirror is acrylic, it does not threaten the safety of the baby, not the glass material


What's in the box

1 x baby car mirror