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Original MAM starter Pacifier Soother Newborn Best Pacifier for Breastfed Babies, ‘Start’ Design Collection - Loose pack
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* We are selling loose means single item no box. It is original, fully import and most importantly it is 100% New. The reason of selling loose is to ensure it is affordable for all and can offer better price. Buy with no worries.



  • CALMS & SOOTHES NEWBORN BABIES: Our MAM pacifier nipple is designed by parents and medical experts to feel like mother’s breast to relax newborn babies.
  • ALWAYS RIGHT-SIDE UP: Symmetrical nipple so pacifier can never be inserted the wrong way. Other pacifiers  with asymmetrical nipples need to be manually adjusted by parents to soothe baby and can negatively affect oral development when positioned incorrectly.
  • DESIGNED TO PREVENT SKIN IRRITATION: MAM Pacifiers feature large air holes to allow air to reach baby’s skin to reduce irritation. Curved shield and innovative bumps on inner shield surface prevent pacifier from laying completely flush to baby’s face, keeping drool from becoming trapped against skin.

MAM newborn pacifiers are designed with baby’s health, comfort and growth in mind. All MAM pacifiers undergo vigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of safety. Babies love the MAM SkinSoft silicone nipple because it flattens and extends when sucked, mimicking a human nipple during breastfeeding. The curved shield helps the pacifier sit comfortably on baby’s face and dimpling on the inside of the shield prevents skin irritation.



  • More babies accept MAM Pacifiers than any other pacifier brand (94% of babies, market research 2010- 2014, tested with 1,236 babies)
  • Ideal for newborns 0-2 months
  • Extra small and lightweight, perfectly sized for newborn mouths and faces
  • Nipple air channel allows air in and out so nipple compresses while sucking
  • Developed with medical experts worldwide
  • MAM products contain no BPA, BPS, or lead (Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited, Report #HKGH02201466, 2017. Intertek Testing Services is a CPSC-certified third-party agency).

What's in the box

1 x Newborn pacifier ( Design can be choose)