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JJ Cole reversible baby body support for car use, stroller etc. baby body head support
Price RM45.90 RM65.00
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Size (L x W x H) 58 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
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14 years ago, JJ Cole's innovative avant-garde inspiration behind life comes from young parents. Since that time, we have continued to develop and design the products that parents have dreamed of, that is, it will make life easier today and tomorrow will be more missed for the passing years. We understand how to have a challenging way of parenting, and also know how to make moms and dads feel worthwhile and satisfying. We strive to put enthusiasm and experience into our products and create products designed for us. JJ Cole products are designed to suit the parents of today's busy lives. We look forward to and cherish the feedback and opinions given by our parents, combine our personal experience and experience to innovate products to help parents solve your needs, and the inspiration you give us can help us create products with love.

Product Descriptions:


* made of polyester and cotton

* filled with quality pp cotton

* suitable for body and head support for baby from newborn up to 11kg

* provide comfort and safe for baby

* Both front and back can be use ( reversible). one side is suitable for autumn and winter. anothe side suitable for spring and summer

* detachable head support cussion can be adjusted with baby growth. to ensure baby comfortable and protection

* suitable for different size of baby. recommended for baby up to 11kg

* Although not specified, this product is voluntarily tested with a car seat for safety testing. Assessed by a third party, the test results fully meet the US automotive safety FMVSS 213 regulations. 

* This product is easy to take care of, can be machine-washed - (whether it is a baby carriage or car seat) seat belt can be the same as the original, direct buckle on the baby, does not affect the use of seat belts.

Size: total length 58 cm, pillow width 28 cm, body width 50 cm

* -- This baby body support cushion is the most popular baby body support pad on the market--

* product weight: approx 2kg

What's in the box

1 x JJ cole body support