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  • Enriched with natural Oat Kernel extract, Provitamin B5.
  • Baby friendly fragrance.
  • Soothes.

With Stool Lock system Helps to keep your baby’s sensitive skin clean and healthy by drawing and locking in poo.

TummyFIT Guide Specially designed to help position Flexi–Tape™ correctly, to ensure the best fit while preventing leakages.

Soft Absorbdry layers - Effectively locks in urine with soft absorbent layer for even distribution that helps to keep your baby skin dry & comfortable.

Flexi Tape Easy to use and allows multiple refastening.

Navel Care - A special cut out design that takes care of your baby’s umbilical cord stump. It reduces the pressure of the diaper rubbing against the stump as the belly button heals

Breathable Cover - As soft as fabric, the material provides good air circulation to keep your baby’s skin fresh and comfortable.

  • Adopt colloidal gold method, high accuracy. Easy detection at home to protect privacy. Do not wait in line at the hospital. 
  • Easy to use design: Simply immerse the test into the urine for 3 seconds. Easy to read: Read results in just 5 minutes. Invalid read after 5 minutes. Two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant.
  • Early detection with greatest sensitivity: In less than 5 minutes, elevated levels of HCG as low as 25 mlU/mL can be detected. Simple, one step rapid test, no special training required. Visual result, easy interpretation.
  • Clean and hygienic: Specially designed for women to test HCG easily, each pregnancy test stick is individually sealed, isolating bacterial contamination.
  • Note: The pregnancy test is formulated for use with fresh urine specimens before breakfast, the morning urine would be the best sample for HCG test. Wear glove and use urine cup to collect urine. Urine cup is not included.
  • BPA FREE Material
  • Good Quality & Safe to Play With
  • Considerate 30″Lanyard Design
  • Cute Cartoon Shape, Baby's Favourite
  • Memory Material - Record Your Baby's Growth. Bites to certain extent can leave shallow teeth marks, which clearly reflects the bite force and situation of children's teeth growth
  • Flexible & Fun to Play With