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MILNA Baby Biscuit 6 Months+
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These biscuits are rich in nutrition with a variety of flavors for complementary feeding and smooth textures to prevent choking. It also contains Milk Calcium and Vitamin D to stimulate teeth growth for a more optimal development.

  • Prebiotic FOS
  • Milk Calcium & Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C & E
  • 11 Vitamins & 6 Minerals
  • Easily Dissolves - biscuit with pores and smooth texture
  • Contains complete nutrition - 9 vitamins & 3 minerals
  • Shaped specifically to match the baby’s jaw and stimulate the baby’s teeth growth
  • Has a porous and smooth texture to easily dissolve in water or milk so the baby does not choke. Very good for introducing his/hers first solid food.
  • Contains complete nutrition for the little one’s first bite.
  • Contain 6 pieces of biscuit (130g).
  • Avalaible in flavour:
    • Original.
    • Banana.
    • Orange.
    • Mixed.
  • Use
    • For brain and retina development.
    • To help bone and teeth growth.
    • To support the baby’s healthy development.
    • To boost body endurance for a healthy baby.
    • To support the formation of red blood cells and prevent anemia.

What's in the box

1 unit MILNA Baby Biscuit 6 Months+ with box.