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1 Set Baby Temperature Sensing Spoon and Fork
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm
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  • Material:PP+TPE, 100% food safe and BPA free
  • Color changes to translucence when food temperature over 38℃/100.4F. This indicates it's too hot for the baby. Give it some time to cool down until color changes back
  • Soft and flexible spoon tip, fits baby's mouth and protects baby's gums
  • Very durable, +6 months

Product descriptions:


Have you ever worried about the spoons might be to hard for your baby's mouth and the food might be too hot for your baby during feeding? It solves now whith our soft-tip and heat sensitive feeding spoons and forks.
-Safe Material
-100% certified food safe material (PP+TPE), BPA free.
-Heat Sensitive
- The tip of the spoon/fork changes its color to white when the food's temperature over 38℃/100.4F. It means it's too hot for the baby and just need to wait the food cool down till the color comes back. This ensures baby's safety with every mouthful.
-Soft tip
-The tip is soft with no sharp edges. No harm to baby's mouth.
-Convenient feeding for parents
-Lightweight and easy-to-grip handle, ensures a comfortable and secure hold for parents during feeding. 

Package include: 1 Spoon + 1 fork

What's in the box

1 x1 Set Baby Temperature Sensing Spoon and Fork.